The Chamber of Cooperatives in cooperation section has all the same duties and authorities as The Chamber of Commerce has in private section.

Article 1: Authorities and responsibilities of The Chamber of Cooperatives

  1. Perform the authorities and duties of The Chamber of Commerce and Mine and Industries of Islamic Republic of Iran in connection with the cooperation section; consist of:
    • Creating concordance and collaboration between businessmen and owners of agriculture, and mine and industry of cooperation section in enforcing relevant laws and regulations.
    • Giving advice regarding chamber related bills and plans.
    • Cooperating with Ministry of Cooperatives and other administrations and authorities in order to enforce chamber’s laws and regulations.
    • Communicating with other country’s chamber and establishing joint chambers and committees with them, according to the general policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    • Organizing and participating in seminars and conferences related to the chamber within the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    • Attempting to identify market for Iran’s exporting goods in abroad; and encouraging and assisting related institutes to take part in domestic and foreign trade fairs.
    • Encouraging domestic investment in manufacturing affairs especially producing exports with comparative advantage.
    • Attempting to analyze and settle member’s foreign and domestic business conflicts, through forming arbitration center with regard to related laws and regulations.
    • Creating and operating economic data and statistic center so as to perform duties and activities of the chamber.
    • Issuing member card according to the chamber’s bylaw.
  2. Creating concordance, connection, and cooperation between other chambers of cooperatives and performing their duties and authorities when they don’t meet or operate; or devolution in any of the cases.
  3. Creating coordination, cooperation, and support in order to extend joint enterprises and cooperatives’ transactions.
  4. Resolving disputation and adjudicating in cooperatives related affairs by reconciling members with cooperatives.
  5. Presenting consultancy services, expertise, publication, and other services required by affiliated cooperatives.
  6. Holding educational and professional courses required by cooperatives, or collaborating and participating with the Ministry of Cooperatives and concerned agencies regarding that, and establishing training centers and institutions.
  7. Communicating and cooperating with cooperative fund in order to coordinate cooperatives and cooperative fund, particularly for getting 4% cooperation, education, reception, and loan repayment title.

Article 2- Iran chamber of cooperatives is established so as to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Assisting in providing means of growth and development of cooperation section in cultural, social, and economic fields.
  2. Assisting in improving the country’s business atmosphere
  3. Collaborating in the field of economic growth and development accompanied by social justice and reducing the gap between the incomes of the classes and elimination of privation from the lower classes.
  4. Cooperating and participating in programming for the development of cooperation section with the aim of empowering society’s middle class and lower class and creating productive employment.
  5. Assisting with the implementation of the general policies of article 44 of constitution.
  6. Absorbing resources and domestic and foreign investment as well as export development.
  7. Organizing and coordinating cooperatives formations and heeding economic elites’ advice in cooperation section and assisting in creating interaction and collaboration atmosphere between them and other economic sections.

Article 3- Responsibilities and authorities of Iran Chamber of Cooperatives consist of:

  1. Performing all of the responsibilities and duties and authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce and mine and industry and agriculture in connection with cooperation section.
  2. Cooperating in programming for development of cooperation section along country’s economic progress.
  3. Presenting cultural services, promoting and instructing cooperation to members, reinforcing cooperation’s tenets and values, and Publishing books and needed publications.
  4. Collaborating with the Ministry of cooperatives in order of the expansion of the cooperation section and related activities.
  5. Establishing connection between cooperatives and providing coordination and cooperation between them.
  6. Establishing connection between Iran’s cooperation section, economic elites in other economic sections of the country, and cooperatives and economic elites in other countries.
  7. Assisting in empowering cooperatives and guiding them in technical, legal, financial, clerical, and commercial affairs.
  8. Providing necessary conditions for exporting cooperatives’ products and supplying their requirements.
  9. Holding domestic and foreign exhibition and creating business center in target countries.
  10. Non-governmental representation of Iran’s cooperation section in the International Cooperation Alliance and all of the domestic and international conventions, councils, and organizations.
  11. Organizing and assisting with developing people’s participation in cooperatives and encouraging and promoting domestic and foreign investors to invest in cooperation section.
  12. Advising government’s three branches and other authorities on bills, plans, acts, and sections connected with cooperatives’ affairs and activities.
  13. Conducting research and applied studies on pursuit method of different cooperatives.
  14. Creating and running economic data and statistic center in order to perform the chamber’s duties and activities.
  15. Establishing academic and vocational education center in compliance with related laws and regulations.
  16. Carry out duties and authorities appointed in the law of the general policies of article 44.
  17. Performing duties and authorities appointed in the law of improving business climate.
  18. Other duties and responsibilities that Iran Chamber of Cooperatives is responsible to do by the laws and regulations and acts.
  19. Issuing member card and commercial card for cooperation section’s legal people and commercial card for cooperation section’s regular people under related regulations.
  20. Forming arbitration center within the approved criteria and regulations.

Note: How the arbitration center is formed and perform is within criteria and regulations set by the bylaw that has been approved by the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives’ chamber of deputies. Reference to the chamber of cooperatives’ arbitration should be written in the statute of all legal people of cooperatives.

Article 4: Iran chamber of cooperatives is a nonprofit organization with independent legal identity and clerical and financial independence.

Article 5: Iran chamber of cooperatives’ location is in Tehran.

Note: Reaching to a decision about registering branches of the chamber in foreign countries is feasible with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ approval.

Article 6: Tehran and other provinces’ chambers of cooperatives have independent legal identity and clerical and financial independence. How they are formed and perform is based on a bylaw that has been approved by the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives’ chamber of deputies.

Article 7: Iran chamber of cooperatives is in charge of organizing and creating communication and coordination between provinces’ chambers of cooperatives. Chamber of cooperatives’ activities are within the general policies and executive programs approved by the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives’ chamber of deputies and they are obliged to cooperate.

Note: statute sample of city and province chamber of cooperatives is provided by Iran Chamber of Cooperatives in collaboration with cities and provinces’ chamber of cooperatives and will be approved by the chamber of deputies of related chambers.

Article 8: All of the companies and cooperative unions registered or will be registered as cooperatives in the country are sponsored by the chamber of cooperatives and can become members of the related chamber with obeying the related criteria.