Asiatic and Oceanic regions’ International Cooperative Alliance contains professional and primary committees. Professional Committees are formed regarding cooperatives’ various topics. Iran chamber of cooperative’s deputy of International Affairs was granted membership of these four primary committees with the majority of votes from 24 countries that are the members of Asiatic and Oceanic regions’ International Cooperatives Alliance:

  • Consumption Committee (last meeting was held on December, 2015 in Malaysia)
  • Human Resource Development Committee (last meeting was held on 09/17/2014)
  • Research Committee (last meeting was held on 04/17/2015)
  • Committee for Gender (last meeting was held on 09/17/2014)

Participating in Electronic Business Conference in China

All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives that are actually economic formations of China’s cooperatives and are consist of agricultural, ranching, and rural cooperatives –which producing agricultural products- , held a conference titled Session of Electronic Business between the cooperatives of the ICA-ROAP member countries in Kunming, China from October 8 to 12.

Holding Cooperatives International Exhibition in Tehran in 1384

  • Visit of China’s Cooperatives Confederation’s Chief from Iran

Mrs. Wang Xia, the Chief of China’s Cooperatives Confederation accompanying a board of 8 people from the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC) entered Iran on 09/14/2015 so as to develop relations between cooperation sections of Islamic Republic of Iran and People’s Republic of China.

Participating in Brazil’s International Cooperation exhibition and doing effective international actions in order to reinforce country’s cooperative system, including:

  1. Meeting with the chief of the International Cooperation Alliance (ICA), Mrs. Green
  2. Meeting with Mr. Branko and discussing the details of the succeeding ICA exhibition in Tehran, which eventually led to ratify an agreement with organization authorities of 2015 Expo exhibition in Tehran.
  3. Meeting with Mr. Marcio Lopes de Freitas, president of the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives.
  4. Meeting with Mr. Manuel Morino, director of Latin America’s organization of cooperatives unions.
  5. Interviewing with Ocepar and Mercosul News.
  6. Meeting with the chief of Argentina’s agricultural union.
  7. Meeting with Lyne Gagnon, communication chief of international cooperatives conference in Quebec, Canada
  8. Meeting with Christina, one of the authorities of the aforementioned conference.
  9. Meeting with the Chief of Turkey’s cooperatives organization.